Sam Mourad, Associate Dancer

Born and raised in Ras Baalbeck Lebanon, Sam was fascinated by music especially the Arabic ‘Maqams’ in traditional Lebanese, Syrian and Egyptian rhythms. He played the Organ, Goblet Drum, and other percussion instruments throughout his childhood. When his family moved to Beirut during his high school years, he joined the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music where he studied Ney Flute and music theory along with  engineering in college and grad school.

Upon moving to the USA, he learned about salsa and cha-cha music through friends he met during his MBA studies. Being heavy on percussion instruments, salsa resonated well with his musical background and so he quickly developed a love for it. Right after moving to Chicago in 2012, hestarted learning salsa at Chicago Dance. After a year of intermittent classes, he joined Chris Manning’s salsa and mambo dance program. His passion and fascination with the dance grew, which led him to join Inspiración Dance Chicago in 2015.

Other than salsa practice, Sam works as a data scientist using his education in engineering, mathematics, and business administration to develop predictive models for the finance sector of the healthcare industry. During down time he also practices yoga, boxing, weight lifting, bicycling, and running.