Marissa Moritz, Assistant Director, Principal Dancer

Marissa began her dance training at the North Shore YMCA.  After graduating from Illinois State University with a degree in Dance Performance and Spanish, she continued her training at various schools such as the London Conservatory of Contemporary Dance, Joel Hall Dance Studio, Gus Giordano Dance Studio, and went on to become co-founder of Chicago Dance Crash. After 7 years of passionate commitment, taking on roles such as Marketing Director, performer, choreographer, and Assistant Artistic Director, Marissa left Chicago Dance Crash to move on to her next projects.

Marissa is currently Assistant Artistic Director of IDC and has been part of the team since 2008.  She feels blessed with the opportunity of being able to perform internationally with a company of some of the most talented dancers and learn from some of the biggest names in Latin dance. 

In addition to IDC, she has choreographed works for theater companies including Writers' Theatre, Aguijon Theater Company, and has most recently been nominated for a 2011 Joseph Jefferson Award for her choreography in The Hypocrites production of Cabaret. Marissa also puts her marketing experience to work as the Press Liaison with TheMASSIVE. 

When the curtain closes, she's sitting down in her alternate life of working with the Chicago Board of Education.  After years of working with the Autonomous Schools Office, where she worked with principals and administrators of more than 100 Chicago public schools, she moved forward in obtaining her Masters degree and now teaches dance in a public school classroom.  When she's not dancing with Inspiración Dance Chicago, she's dancing with the children of Peirce Elementary School. 

This past year, Marissa accomplished one of the greatest feats of her life by introducing her daughter to the world.  Still dancing, still teaching, still creating, still glowing, Marissa is always looking forward to her next adventure.