Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Super Congress

This is overdue, but we would like to say a big thank you to Nate Strager and the producers of the Las Vegas Salsa Bachat Super Congress.  For the second year running, Inspiración Dancers participated in the Salsa Showdown with dancers Cate Wood, Chris Manning, Julie Gerenrot, Marissa Moritz and Sam Mourad participating on the Tropical Gem International Team and dancer Svitlana Selska participating on the Karel Flores and Marco Ferrigno International Team.  The showdowns involve 20+ hours of training to learn a new choreography performed on the final night of the congress and participating in the showdown amounts to an intensive training session that helped all of the dancers grow immeasurably.

In addition, Inspiracion dancers Luis Santillian and Olena Jay took third place in the salsa couples cabaret division and Inspiración dancers Chris Manning, Julie Gerenrot, Marissa Moritz, and Sam Mourad took third place in the salsa teams division.

The Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Super Congress is an awesome event–well organized with some of the world's top dancers and in one of the world's most entertaining cities.  Next year we are looking to put together a fusion of contemporary, hip-hop, and Latin dance for the mega-team showdown. Be on the lookout for audtions for this new IDC piece!

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