A Beautiful Winter with Senn Arts

This weekend was bittersweet.  The Senn Arts Dancers, directed by lead-educator Kelly Hume-Geremia, put on a wonderful show, and several of us participated in the yearly Senn Arts Dance auditions.  So why bittersweet? It was only four years ago that Inspiración first began working with Senn Arts. It was a new program, and we helped with several aspects of its initiation, including their first dance audition.  At that audition we saw everything from impressive youngsters with significant classical training to a young man who absolutely wowed us with his breakdancing improvisation.  Over the years, we have worked with these young people, placing choreography and watching them grow and grow with every show.

In this most recent concert, Inspiración assistant director, Amanda Lopez-Betanzos, choreographed our largest piece with Senn, with virtually the entire dance program on stage.  Seeing so many of the dancers we originally started with alongside the newest dancers we hope to work with in the future was a transcendent moment.  But then we also saw our first dancers' breathtaking abilities in so many different pieces in which they not only performed, but they also choreographed. It was breathtaking and inspiring.  It's been a good four years and we are looking forward to what the future holds.

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