Happy Thanksgiving From Inspiración!

Every year we try to bring some of Chicago's best dancers to work with students in our partner school, Nicholas Senn HIgh School.  This year we've comissioned William Gill of the Joel Hall Dancers and Center to choreograph a jazz piece for the students of the Senn Arts Dance Program.  Gill was a principle dancer with the Bryant Ballet, has toured with the Dallas Black Dance Theatre, and performed in "Show Boat" with the Washington National Opera.  Gill began working with students at Senn last week and his great familiarity with the world of professional dance will surely help them reach their goals as young artists. 
Also  this week Principle Dancers Chris Manning & Cate Wood provided a complimentary lesson to an excited first grade class at Chicago's Socorro Sandoval Elementary School where the students not only learned about merengue, bachata, and cumbia, but they also played Freeze Dance and Merengue Hot Potato. It was a fun time for all!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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