Kenny Scruggs, Principal Dancer


Kenny has been involved in Salsa and other Latin dances since 2007.  After taking ballroom dance in college, Kenny was interested in the prospect of teaching dance.  He trained with Manny Lopez Marquez at Studio Viva in Palatine, IL. In the years since he has trained with Cinnamon Trammell, Dora Baroti and a number of other professionals at Studio Viva, where he now teaches. 

Kenny has been part of IDC since 2013. Though he planned to be part of the team for one year, he continues to train and perform with the team as IDC consistently and simultaneously provides a creative outlet, constructive challenges and new experiences.  Since joining the company Kenny has gotten experience outside of Latin, including ballet, hip hop, and even flamenco.  In addition to the training Kenny has been part of several performances in a variety of venues, everything from a bars/clubs around Chicago to the LA Salsa Congress and more.