Inspiracion Dance Chicago offers several classes for both youth and adult students.  All classes are led by Director Chris Manning and the Inspiracieón Dance Team.  See information below for class description and schedule for community, high school and college students. 



High School Beginners Salsa Class

  • Mondays 3:30-4:30 pm at Senn High School, enter at Door 2.
  • This class teaches basic salsa footwork and basic partnering.  It also introduces students to the cultural history and art of salsa dancing.
  • Cost and registration: Free for Senn High and Loyola Undergraduate University Students.


​Inspiración Dance College Team Practice

  • Sunday, 5-7pm at Loyola University, Crown Center
  • Material: This class is teaches the fundamentals of salsa performance and salsa choreography with the goal of performing in local events.  
  • Cost and registration: Free for all Chicago area undergraduate students. Please contact us for more information.


Salsa Classes at Chicago Dance 

  • Fundamentals of Salsa Partnerwork
    • This class teaches variations on the: cross body lead, copa, inside turn and introduces footwork combinations and multiple turns.
    •  This class is perfect for the student who has taken a only a few salsa classes.
  • Salsa Combinations and Footwork
    • This class will introduce intermediate level combinations, light footwork patterns, styling for leads and follows, simple dips, triple or more spins.
    •  This class is perfect for students with a solid foundation of basic movements and are looking to integrate them for more exciting social dancing.
  • Advanced Salsa Combinations and Footwork
    • This class will introduce high level combinations, high-level footwork, and styling suitable for social dancing with advanced dancers.
    • This class is perfect for students seeking to dance socially with more advanced partners and for learning material suitable for choreography.
  • ​Sign up here. Try out a class for just one dollar!
  • Proceeds from these classes go solely to Inspiracíon's non-profit youth, adult, and community programs.  Click here for detailed record.